Monday, 23 November 2015

New Trailer Alert: Eneaji Chris Eneng's 'In the Name of Trust'

The producers of the award winning movies, MAPS (Murder at Prime Suites), Secret Room, Growing Old, Dejavuu and Trails of Igho, has released the trailer for their new movie 'In the Name of Trust'. Produced and Directed by Eneaji Chris Eneng, Written by Lani Aisida, It stars Keira Hewatch, Adeyemi Okanlanwo, Ike Ogbonna, Frederick Idehen, Ini Dima Okojie and Ebele Okaro.
Trust is the bed rock of every marriage and it takes both parties to love, trust and stay in a relation. In the name of trust is a must watch story of love, jealousy and dedication.
Watch the trailer below:

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Saturday, 21 November 2015

Introducing my Guest on the show today the 21st of November 2015

Hello world, thence you very much for being with us through the past 1st season. Now we are back bigger and better...To kick off the new season on Meet the Actor with Judith Audu, we are excited to bring you one of the true veterans of Nollywood and an actor pwe excellence. My guest today is considered as one of the best trained professional actors in Nigeria. A thorough bred thespian and an interpreter of roles, he is much remembered for his roles as the randy lecturer; Professor Okon on 'Checkmate' and Mr Anyawu on 'Edge of Paradise'. He has been part of several TV Series and Movies. He is a regular face on some of Nigeria's biggest stage productions...Listerners all over the world, please sit back, relax and enjoy today's edition of the show with our guest 'Norbert Young' live with yours truly today on the show Meet the Actor with Judith Audu.
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Have a very fabulous weekend.

New Trailer Alert: Greg Odutayo's 'Beyond Blood'

Royal Roots released the trailer for one of Nollywood's most anticipated movie in 2015 'Beyond Blood'. Directed by Greg Odutayo, Produced by Debbie Odutayo, Written by Debo Oluwatuminu, it stars Kehinde Bankole, Joseph Benjamin, Deyemi Okanlawon, Bimbo Manuel, Carol King, Wole Ojo, Francis Onwochei, Shan George, Okey Uzoeshi, Marion Bott, Uzor Osimkpa, Ifeanyi Kalu and Ijeoma Agu.
'beyond Blood' is a story of discovery. An uninflected series or moments that take us on a journey of how a woman and our central character, Moji rediscovers herself. Moji is faced with a series of situations far beyond her control. Rather than confront the situation, she decides to 'run' away in the hope that in her search for her brother, she will discover him and herself and have the time to think through her life and make those life changing decisions that will put her on the path of confrontation of the society which she finds herself.
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Watch the Trailer Below:


Friday, 20 November 2015

New Trailer Alert: Comfort Arthur's Short Animation 'The Peculiar Life of a Spider'

Comfort Arthur released the trailer for her animation short titled 'The Peculiar Life of a Spider. It is a dark comedy abut how Kwaku Anansi tackles issues such as depression and identity crisis. Animated by Comfort Arthur, Written by Judith Affran, It starred Kwaku Boateng Ankomah, Music by Kofi 'iambeatmeance' Ansah.
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Watch the tailer below:



Thursday, 19 November 2015

Zanzibar International Film Festival calls for Entries

The organisers of the Zanzibar International Film Festival is calling on film makers to submit their films for the 2016 edition of the festival.
Deadline is January 31st 2016. Log on to for more information.

Monday, 16 November 2015

IREP International Documentary Film Festival Calls for Entries

The organisers of the IREP International Documentary Film Festival calls for 2016 entries, it is scheduled to hold on the24th - 27th of March 2016.
Theme for the 2016 IREP is CHANGE - Documentary Films as Agent Provocateur!
'Africa is going through a whirlwind of complex issues on many fronts that challenge our understanding of the world, of ourselves and how we sustain our pursuit of peace and prosperity. Poverty, epidemics, Terrorism, Civil wars, racial inequalities, economic imbalances, imperialism, corruption and political divisions - these challenges are urgent and critical. They demand a response. In a world of Sound-bites, documentaries provide an opportunity to think, understand, and connect the dots. Documentary films are exploring the issues of our time, offering perspective, historical context and possibilities. They are controversial, divisive, fascinating, unexpected, and surprising.
Documentary is not a deliberate art form, It starts from questions not answers. It's success relies not in having all the answers, but in asking the right questions. Documentary is subversive in the age of change' Femi Odugbemi (Co-Founder & Executive Director, IREP Documentary Film Forum)

New Trailer Alert: Izu Ojukwu's 76

Izu Ojukwu release the trailer for his movie '76'. Directed by Izu Ojukwu, it stars Ramsey Nouah, Rita Dominic, Ibinabo Fiberesima, Chidi Mokeme, Memry Savanhu, Adonijah Owuruwa, Daniel K. Daniel, Nelly Ekwereogu and Shuaibu Ebenehi Adams.
Six years after the civil war, a young officer from the middle belt gets entangled in a romantic relationship with a beautiful O-Level student from the Southeastern part of Nigeria. Their budding romance was almost ruptured by endless military postings. Now heavily pregnantt her walls came crumbling when the news of her husband's involvement in a botched coup attempt hits the headlines.
'76' celebrates the quality of the true African woman by exploring the usually invisible pain of a soldier's wife; it highlights the enduring Nigerian cultural values of courage, resilience, patience, loyalty, faith and family. It is visually pure, emotionally engaging and amorously therapeutic.

New Trailer Alert: Obi Emelonye's 'Oxford Gardens'

The award winning director of 'Last Flight to Abuja' is back with another amazing movie titled 'OXFORD GARDENS' an inspiring love story wrapped in boxing gloves.
Julius is broken, down on his ex-boxer, in search of redemption. Munich is a pretty, bubbly young girl with a dark secret. Their chance meeting on a park bench in Oxford Gardens one summer afternoon sets in motion an unlikely friendship and an uplifting journey through their respective fears, and through hope, faith and love; to a stoic acceptance of whatever life throws at them.
The movie stars Ngoli Okoafor, (2 time Golden Gloves, Heavyweight champion, top model and Hollywood Actor) Ngozi Thompson Igwebike, Savannah Roy and D'Richy Obi-Emelonye, Produced and Directed by Obi Emelonye.
Watch the Trailer below:

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Meet the Actor with Judith Audu is 1 Today!!!

Hello World, Its Saturday again so its time to meet up with your favourite actors on meet the actor with Judith Audu.
However, we are super excited today because it is our special anniversary edition. Yipeeeeeeeeee!!!
Dear listeners, we are saying a very big thank you for keeping faith with us through the past one year...Its been 48 amazing episodes and 70 awesome actors across Europe, USA and all over Africa and of course Nollywood's finest...On to today's anniversary edition,b we will have again our very first guest on the show the delectable and multi-talented, Ashionye Raccah and other equally outstanding Nollywood superstars including Multi-award winner Tope Tedela, Kiki Omeili, Keira Hewatch, Ufuoma Ejenobor, Seun Ajayi, Ijeoma Agu, Kunle Rhemmy, Omotu Bissong, Wole Ojo, Moyo Lawal, Seun Kentebe, Belinda Yanga, Kelechi Udebge, Hannah Ojo, Eric Nwanso, Uzor Osimkpa, Paul Utomi, e.t.c
I need not tell you it will be a one of a kind Episode! Dear listeners, please join in as we celebrate today on 'Meet the actor with Judith Audu' on or at 1pm (+1GMT)...Join the fun and celebrate with us by tweeting at us @meettheactor or call our studio number +23412957238 if you are calling from outside the Nigeria and 012957238 if you are calling from Nigeria.
Thank you very much and hope to hear from you...Cheers

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Listen and Download Segun Dada's Album 'GIFTED' now available on Spinlet

Nigerian born Segun Dada popularly known as JAYGO- an Actor and a talented Singer, has just released an EP- a 5 track album titled 'GIFTED'.
Obviously based on the fact that he is an artiste of many gifts. All songs on the EP were written by Jaygo and Produced by GBOOF of Moozik Cafe Studios.
Produced over the course of one year, the songs were inspired by life's general issues ranging from love, personal aspirations, civil decadence and prosperity.
The album, officially released on the Spinlet platform is one that must be on a good music lover's playlist.
To download and enjoy this album, click on this link:

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Introducing my Guest on the Show Today the 7th of November 2015

Hola! It is yet another Saturday to enjoy another interesting edition of 'Meet the Actor with Judith Audu' on Igroove Radio.
We are super excited as its exactly a week to our 1 yr Anniversary!!!! Today we would be having one of Nollywood's most industrious and highly respected Filmmakers. He has earned the monikers; 'Man with the midas touch', 'Man on Fire' as he seems to have an uncanny ability to turn all his projects to gold. Our guest today is one of Nigeria's finest filmmakers, CEO Golden Effects Pictures. An excellent cross-over actor, switching roles between the Yoruba and English movies. He has produced and featured in several movie productions including the Multi-Award winning October 1, Dazzling Mirage, Irapada, PhoneSwap, The Figurine, Farayola, Ejiworo, e.t.c.
Listeners from all over the world, sit back, relax and get ready to enjoy this exciting show as it promises to be an awesome one hour with the exciting super talented and multi award winning, Kunle Afolayan, live in the studio with yours truly; Judith Audu on 'Meet the Actor with Judith Audu'...Please join us at 1pm (+1GMT) on
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Have a very fabulous weekend.

Friday, 6 November 2015

New Music Alert: Jordan ft Tshayne's 'NOVEMBER29'

Introducing Jordan, a young Nigerian rapper, writer and an actor. Born Jordan Osaze Igbinoba in Lagos, Nigeria. He has lived all his life in Lagos, basically leaving around music. He started rap music at the age of 12, inspired by his Father and brother.
After discovering what gifts he had, he started running from one studio to another learning things that ended up grooming him today.
At age 15 he had his first feature, by an underground artist, after which he got great comments at that age and that made him push harder knowing if he did, he would make it.
In a short interview, he listed the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Vector, MI, and late Da-Grin as his mentors.
Jordan is set to shake the industry, with the release of his breathtaking hit single, that no doubt showcases his raw talent, titled 'November 29th' featuring Tshayne. Produced by Tshayne.
Jordan was made for music as music was made for him...He is the next big thing.
Follow Jordan on twitter and Instagram: @jhordarn_
Listen and Download 'NOVEMBER29' Below:

New TV Series Alert: Mike Nliam's 'Akpos'

A new hilarious comedy series titled 'Akpos & Company' just hit TV screens across the country. The comedy series, which deals on everyday life of the middle class in Nigeria, is set to redefine comedy business in contemporary Nigeria.
Akpos is a young lad, who believes in himself and his youthful exuberance often puts him in conflicts with his father, old solder, a disciplinarian but Akpos finds comfort in his mother, Lovinna. The comedy is laced with humour and moral lessons for the young and old.
According to the producer, Mike Nliam, the family drama is about everyday life. 'It shows Akpos honesty and stupidity, old Soldier's hilarious and rigidity, Lovina's obsession with money, Ajaka's loyalty to alcohol, Emma's deceitful drive to be ahead in life and Jane's love for attention' He said.
The director, Abey Esho, who described the series said, 'Akpos is a global fictional story. What we try to do is to bring Akpos to life. Akpos is a comedy that all family members will love to watch and laugh and identify with. 'I've always wanted to do something on TV after working on Heaven's Gate and Oasis. Okapis & Company talks about youthful exuberance and the challenge of a young male child' he said.
The family dram features notable faces such as Florence Onuma as Lovinna, Jerry Onwordi aka Baba Nothing Spoil as Ajaka, Eliel Etete as Old Soldier, Mario Davidson Omasoro as Akpos, Adaeze Jacqueline-Ajah as Ada and Wilson Irabor Brown as Goddy.
You can catch new Episodes every;
Saturday: STV by 12pm  , Galaxy TV by 8pm.
Sunday: NTA Kaduna by 6pm, NTA Kano by 6pm and
Tuesday: Galaxy by 8pm.

New Music Video Alert: Sammie Okposo 'OVERCOMER' ft Nikki Laoye, MC Abbey, Emma oH Ma God, Henrisoul, Karl Nova & Sabach

Lamar Entertainment presents the highly anticipated single & video, OVERCOMER from the Wellu Wellu Master and Glo Ambassador, Sammie Okposo featuring Top Nigerian/UK Artists & Comedians namely Nikki Laoye, MC Abbey, Emma Oh Ma God, Henrisoul, Karl Nova and Shabach.
Produced by fast rising producer, SkyTimz. OverComer is a groovy, hilarious yet inspiring song - an expression of the confidence and swag of a Beliver, based on the promise of God, in the face of Life's issues and Negativity.
The song showcases the unique expressions of each featured artist:
Sammie Okposo -The S.W.A.G Boss;
Nikki Laoye - The Vivacious Soul Singer and Dancer;
EmmaOhMaGod - The Comedian, The Actor, The Singer;
Henrisoul - The Vibrant Music Whizz;
Shabach - The Singing Video Director and Music Producer
Together, they creatively sound the bell of warning in a modern Nigerians depiction of the popular scripture verse - 'The Lord is My Light and Salvation, Whom Shall I fear, The Lord is the strength of my life, Of Whom Shall I be afraid?
The video was shot and directed in London by Shabach aka Mr. Shabz for Beautiful Media Services and Photography by Michael Tubes Creation, UK.
OverComer is one of the singles from the upcoming studio album, S.W.A.G (Saved With Amazing Grace) to be released later this year.
Also Coming up this Sunday, 8th of November is the SOPP Enugu concert with Sammie Okposo and a host of artists and in January 2016, the SOPP Train will be coming to town in a fiery blaze to melt down the cold cities of the United Kingdom. Dates and Venues will be communicated soon.
It's truly a season of good music and soulful entertainment from the Wellu-Wellu master.
Stay Tuned.
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Watch the Video Below:

Listen to the Song Below: